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Jill Stone

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Shoes, Glorious Shoes

Shoes Shoes Shoes

We just celebrated Labor Day. I labor, you labor, we all labor and in exchange for that labor we are paid and thus, we buy shoes. Well, and accessories to go with the shoes like jewelry and super cute outfits. Due to the importance of shoes, we must also stay current and ever-so-knowledgeable about their[...]

These Heels Were Meant for Walkin’

Well, as Oprah used to say, some high heels are “5 minute shoes” and some are “10 minute shoes” but I call mine “sitting shoes” and I mostly wear them when I know I will do more sitting than standing or walking. If us gals wore high heels for sitting purposes only we would all[...]

High Heel Hints

I love high heels! For those of you who know me well, that is probably an understatement. They allow me to walk about this world as a taller, even more fabulous me : ) It is said that the origins of the high heel can be traced back to “horse-riding warriors in the Middle East[...]