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Jill Stone’s 2021 Holiday Song

holiday song

Season’s Greetings, Meeting Planners! It’s time for my annual holiday song – your favorite meeting helper is here to make site selection as simple as can be.  

Bring on the Fireworks


Happy 4th of July Meeting Planners! This weekend many of you will attend celebrations and several of the events will surely include fireworks. Have you ever thought about including fireworks in one of your events? You should do so! All you have to do is buy some fireworks, hire your friends to help, show up[...]

For the Meeting Planner who has Everything . . .

Meeting Planner

It’s no secret that meeting planners lead glamorous jet set lifestyles where we are wined and dined and showered with lavish gifts. So what’s a gal or guy to do when it comes to buying that perfect present for the meeting planner? Go quirky! Seriously, here are some fun ideas for not only you the[...]

The Harried Meeting Planner’s Guide to Last Minute Thanksgiving

last minute Thanksgiving

We are so great at planning other’s events, not to mention their travel plans to and from those planned events. As a result, our own life plans tend to be put on hold at times. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and in case you forgot, Aunt Mildred asked you to provide a side or a salad or[...]

I Am Thankful For . . . .

Tomorrow we gather with friends and family to dine on a memorable meal and keep gratitude at the forefront of all we do. It is with great happiness that I share with you what I am thankful for at this time. You are the people in my life that make what I do possible and[...]

Let’s Talk Turkey

I love Thanksgiving and I love how the internet and social media sites provide us with one awesome idea after another. Here are some of my favorite notions for Thanksgiving 2014! Thanksgiving One Week Out: Yes, I know who you are, Meeting Planner. Planners like to plan and stay ahead of the game, so here[...]

Haunted Hotel Rooms

In Halloweens past I have talked about haunted hotels – eeeeek! This year we are going to take a trip and go inside to get a peek into the most haunted within the haunted. If you dare, make sure to ask for the keys to these rooms when you check in (Bwahahaha!). We’ll begin our[...]

Fireworks with a View

Fireworks with a View

If you are feeling a bit more diva this 4th of July, and finding that standing amongst a sweaty crowd to watch fireworks is not working for you, then allow me to offer some alternatives. I mean heels and grassy areas simply do not work, and wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a view from[...]

My-Oh-Mayo Facts You May Not Know

Cinco de Mayo (that is the 5th of May to you and I) will be celebrated next week. Break out the sombreros and shake up some margaritas and learn some facts about this May Day. May 5, 1862: This is the day that the Battle of Puebla took place. It’s significance lies in the fact[...]

Time to Walk In a Winter Wonderland

Wouldn’t it be nice to walk in a Winter Wonderland about right now?  I know how it is meeting planner, you are ready for some holiday cheer, and while the rest of the office is enjoying a bit of downtime, you have yet to slow down. Take a breath, ready your best karaoke voice and[...]