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Video Fills In the In-Betweens!

Keep your attendees awake by breaking things up a bit.  One way to do this is to through video; and there are so many interesting and engaging videos to choose from, you’ll be hard pressed to not find something that is perfect for your group! There are several video sites out there, with YouTube topping[...]

Site Selection for the Olympics

Can you even imagine hosting the Olympics? As we know, any event that requires a citywide presence comes with many challenges.  Take a citywide x 100 and you may come close to understanding what the Olympic host city faces. First and foremost, the city must prove that it is big enough to handle the athletes,[...]

Podcast – Clone Yourself With One Phone Call. Productivity At It’s best!

I was honored to be a guest on the the Cathy Sexton podcast where we discussed some great tips on productivity. But the one you want to hear is how to clone yourself with one phone call! Who hasn’t wanted to multiply themselves on occasion? (For me, it’s almost hourly!)

Main Meeting Ingredient: A Knowledgeable and Helpful Staff

One of the greatest challenges of any event is coordinating all the moving parts, or rather moving people, which help make an event happen and happen well.  Whether you have a trove of volunteers or a ready group of event staffers, there are certain pieces of information that everyone should know.  This will help your[...]

Who Can Take on the Tasks at Hand? Part 2

Last week I shared with you some helpful helpers; those who can assist, do odd jobs and help you shine on line.  Today we are going to look at a couple more people who can help you make your event a super success! The Visual Aide(s): Yes, you could make your own videos, take your[...]

Clone Yourself with One Phone Call

Recently, Cathy Sexton, The Productivity Expert, asked me to be on her radio show “Ignite Your Performance.”  It was so much fun to be interviewed and have the opportunity to talk about what I do. Thank you so very much to Cathy for making it easy, she is a great interviewer and I so very[...]

Iron Man and You and I

We all need our super heroes; both the on-screen versions and the real life champions.  Right now, Iron Man is hot! The third movie was just released, bringing Tony Stark back to the big screen and into our lives. This got me thinking about us; that is you and I, meeting planner. We are so[...]

Meeting Madness

March may be over, but the madness is certainly not. March Madness found crazed basketball fans stationed at their couch, mini-fridge at arm’s length and watching one college basketball game after another. Now the Final Four battles approach, with Louisville vs. Wichita State and Syracuse vs. Michigan. For many fans the whole world has been put on hold, as[...]

12 Days of Meeting Planning

On the 1st day of the meeting, my boss came to me.  “We need coffee for entire board room!” On the 2nd day of the meeting, my boss came to me.  “Where are my notes? and coffee for entire board room!” On the 3rd day of the meeting, my boss came to me.  “I need 3 dozen[...]

Pin Up Events

Have you ever thought of creating pin boards around your events? There are endless possibilities and it is really worth your consideration! Here are some great ideas for you! Create boards with pictures from the event (post them throughout the day and during the event). Make sure to encourage others to participate, all you need[...]