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Jill Stone

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Sufficiently Supplied


It’s August and as the summer winds down, school and all the supplies that go with it, wind up! If anyone knows about supplies, it’s the meeting planner. We need our supplies no matter the time of year. If there is a meeting in the area, you can bet there is a well-supplied meeting planner[...]

Zika-Free Attendees

Zika-free attendees

The latest bug from a bug (darn mosquitos!) is Zika. Perhaps the most disconcerting fact is that birth defects, namely microcephaly, have been linked to Zika infected pregnant mothers. Therefore, if your meeting will take place in an area that has been affected by Zika, you may wish to suggest that pregnant women forego attendance.[...]

Can you Feel the Love at YOUR meeting?


In just a few days we celebrate Valentine’s Day. There will be wine, flowers and heart shaped boxes filled with chocolates for some. Kids will pass out Valentine’s Day cards to classmates and hold sugar laden school parties. Others may go out for a night on the town with friends and celebrate single-ness. Meeting planners[...]

Error Free Events Part 1

Error Free Events

Those who attend, but do not plan events, are rarely aware of the millions of details that must come together in order to make them happen. It is a real test in sanity to successfully put an event into motion and not get lost in the planning. Even the best of us can at times,[...]

Getting From A to Z


Unless you are planning a virtual conference, transportation is going to come into play when planning for your meeting. Whether it be traveling by air, car, bus, cab, train or one of the other myriad forms of transportation, you will at the very least need to supply your attendees with the various options, if not[...]

Flipped Learning is the Cat’s Meow

Flipped Learning

According to, Flipped Learning is defined as a pedagogical approach in which direct instruction moves from the group learning space to the individual learning space, and the resulting group space is transformed into a dynamic, interactive learning environment where the educator guides students as they apply concepts and engage creatively in the subject matter.[...]

Get More Attendees Guide

Get More Attendees

One of the top questions you will hear in the days leading up to your event is, “How many tickets have we sold?” or “How many people have signed up?” Some events have the luxury of being so well known that they sell out overnight (you’ve all heard of One Direction, right?). But other events[...]

Sanity Savers are In

saving time

We talk a lot about saving time and money, and though quite important, saving our sanity also ranks rather high. Meeting Managers have the capacity to store amazing amounts of information, details, schedules, data and more – there are computers out there that are envious of your abilities, I assure you of this. That said,[...]

Win Big with One Billion Dollars!

“Wow!” This was my reaction when I opened up an email from Roger Helms, founder of HelmsBriscoe, stating that our total bookings in 2014 came to over one billion dollars. One billion dollars! No one has delivered a billion dollars in room revenue in one year ever before. I have been with this company for[...]

ROI for Sponsors and Exhibitors

A few months ago I wrote about a plan for ensuring that the ever-important ROI happens for your event. If your events include sponsors and exhibitors, their ROI greatly affects your ROI! They look to you to create opportunities for them that will make it worth their while to be a part of your event.[...]