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Jill Stone

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How to Sleep on a Plane (sort of)

There is no way around it. Unless you are on an overseas flight and in ultra first-class seats that swivel every which way and are more sleeping pods than seat, it is practically impossible to accomplish restful shuteye on a plane. Either way, there are days when you must throw sleepy cautions to the wind[...]

It Happened to Me; First Time in History Ever (I think)

Okay, so maybe not the first time in history, but at the very least it is highly unusual and noteworthy. I, like many of you meeting planners out there, do my fair share of traveling to do each year. Recently, I was traveling from the St. Louis airport and was worried about my ½ hour[...]

Jet Lag Facts

Jet lag is also known as desynchronosis (how is that for a mouthful) or flight fatigue. Basically, the jet lagged traveler will experience fatigue and insomnia; other symptoms may include anxiety, headache, nausea, dizziness, diarrhea and constipation.  Jet Lag is the result of the body’s internal time clock being messed with due to crossing time[...]