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Jill Stone

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Budgets on Track


Budgets are a tricky deal. Little things add up, big things end up costing more than expected and then there are the surprises that catch us off guard. Before you head in to plan your future events’ budgets, take these few points to task! Review and Revise: You know the ole sacred cow issue, if[...]

ROI for Sponsors and Exhibitors

A few months ago I wrote about a plan for ensuring that the ever-important ROI happens for your event. If your events include sponsors and exhibitors, their ROI greatly affects your ROI! They look to you to create opportunities for them that will make it worth their while to be a part of your event.[...]

Be a “Fly on the Wall” at Your Events

Return On Investment (ROI) is so very important to you as a meeting planner and to your bosses. However, I think ROE (Return on Experience) is even more important: for your attendees and for you because when you know what your attendees want to experience at your meetings, you can make it happen and, in[...]

ROI (Groan) and Meeting Planning

Many of us are simply not too thrilled about Return on Investment. It seems slippery, hard to come to, difficult to measure. Some things are simply not measurable. There is not, to my knowledge anyway, an actual happy-meter that measures the happiness of your attendees with a meeting; though a ballroom full of smiles is[...]

Meeting Planning is a Top 50 Career!

Meeting planners rejoice! Your career rocks and has made it into the top 50 careers of 2011. This is according to a report by US News and World Report. The US News shares the following positive outlook: “Employment of meeting and convention planners, who hold 56,600 jobs nationwide in 2008, is expected to grow faster[...]

Measuring the Intangible for Meeting Success

ROI has historically been a big deal in meeting planning. We expend a lot of time, energy, ingenuity and money to create events; much of that time is preparing our attendees, wooing them with promises of time well spent and counting on that all important turn out and participation. When everything is said and done,[...]