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Jill Stone

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Rx For a Happy Day

Meeting Planners spend most of their time working to make people happy.  Each meeting is designed with the success and happiness of the attendees, staff, management, board members, vendors and more; happy with everything from the turn out, the schedule, the entertainment, the speakers, and menus, to the color of the carpeting at the venue[...]

Stress Relief – Meeting Planner Style

I was once on your side of the meeting equation; I too was a meeting planner. Oh yes, I do remember the stress! But I have to admit that I did not really get how stressful the job was, on the scale of stressful jobs, until the career report came out earlier this year.  Since[...]

Bye Bye Burnout!

Hello Meeting Professional! With your job clocking in as number 6 of the most stress-related jobs, avoiding burn out is a must do for you. Here is an interesting fact; people who work only (nowadays, “only” is an appropriate word to use here) 40 hours a week get as much, if not more, done than[...]

Creative Thinking

You’ve heard before that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. In the movie, The Shining, it made Jack a crazy boy (shudder!). In real life, we not only become dull, but we become tired, cranky and ineffective. Did you catch that last word – ineffective. We are Effective when we are[...]

On Being Efficient

Efficiency is a wonderful asset, but at the same time it can be a hindrance. Sometimes we are so efficient at what we do that we do it all – which could actually be non-efficient. It can be a real catch-22. If you want to be super efficient, here are some things to consider: Delegate: [...]

Creating Tranquil Space

Creating Tranquil Space We are a busy, busy, busy society. It seems that our schedules lend little time for rest and relaxation. Even though we all know how important it is, even though we have been told time and time again to take a break and even though we actually do know that in the[...]

Site Selection: Help or Hindrance

Meeting planners have a lot on their plate. They are masters of multi-tasking, determinedly detail oriented and can store facts and figures in their brains that rival any super computer. With this in mind, it seems as if a site selection firm would be a welcome service. Some planners wonder if this no-cost to them[...]

April 16th – National Stress Awareness Day

Are you stressed out? Do you know if you are stressed out? It may seem like a strange question to ask, but we can actually be stressed out to the max and not be aware of it; hence the need for National Stress Awareness Day; just around the corner on April 16th. Why not take[...]