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Travel Well and Be Well Traveled

packing tips

Hello Meeting Planners! I hope you will be going on a vacation soon, you certainly deserve it. And if you are planning on it, let’s get ready to pack. Consider using one or more of these packing tips. There is a new way to pack in case you have yet to hear. The new packing[...]

Bring on the Food Trucks!

Bring on the Food Trucks

There’s fast food and then there’s food that can literally go “fast”; as in food that travels quickly from one place to another and is so yummy your guests will want to try it all.  The food industry has taken to the road, literally, with food trucks. Food truck selections are as diverse as the[...]

Team Building “Meeting”

team building meeting

You know what they say about all work and no play.  There is a balance in life and if your team has seen a lot more work than play as of late, then perhaps it’s time to take them out for some fun! Get their engines running with some NASCAR or F1 Racing. Sing their[...]

Destination International

Planning an overseas meeting can be quite a daunting task as there are several unique challenges and many unknowns. But you can do it; Meeting Planners are pretty invincible!  Here are some tips to help make the most of your international meeting planning. International Inspection:  You will definitely want to check out the location before[...]

Be a Tip-ster

You may have heard that TIPS was originally an acronym for To Insure Prompt Service. You may even have heard that tips were once given before service; the bigger the tip given up front, the better the service expected.  According to Snopes, however, the word “tips” actually “slipped into the language as underworld slang, with[...]

How to Sleep on a Plane (sort of)

There is no way around it. Unless you are on an overseas flight and in ultra first-class seats that swivel every which way and are more sleeping pods than seat, it is practically impossible to accomplish restful shuteye on a plane. Either way, there are days when you must throw sleepy cautions to the wind[...]

High Rewards

Traveling can be a rewarding experience in many ways.  Spending time in new lands, learning new things, trying new foods and gathering new experiences that turn into fond memories.  We also travel for business; this is especially true for meeting planners.  Some of you travel more days in the year than you spend at home![...]

These Heels Were Meant for Walkin’

Well, as Oprah used to say, some high heels are “5 minute shoes” and some are “10 minute shoes” but I call mine “sitting shoes” and I mostly wear them when I know I will do more sitting than standing or walking. If us gals wore high heels for sitting purposes only we would all[...]

A Small List of Big Ideas

Here is a list of interesting ideas and random thoughts I have put together for you! Carpooling: If some of your attendees are going to be driving to your event, offer a place for them to catch a ride! There are a number of carpooling sites where you can set it up. With the cost[...]

Thinking Outside the Booth

Tradeshows continue to be a viable way to market your company, but if you are going to make any sort of an impact, it is time to think outside the booth. Comfy Room: Providing a comfy space for attendees to sit, talk and rejuvenate will definitely set you apart, as well as provide more face[...]