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Jill Stone

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Team Building “Meeting”

team building meeting

You know what they say about all work and no play.  There is a balance in life and if your team has seen a lot more work than play as of late, then perhaps it’s time to take them out for some fun! Get their engines running with some NASCAR or F1 Racing. Sing their[...]

No Flu Here

If you have ever had the flu, you know how much you really do not ever, want to ever ever, have it again. It steals a week from your life and it so highly unpleasant that you are quite sure you may die. Let’s avoid it with these simple workplace tweaks. 1) Make it known that coming in[...]

Stress Relief – Meeting Planner Style

I was once on your side of the meeting equation; I too was a meeting planner. Oh yes, I do remember the stress! But I have to admit that I did not really get how stressful the job was, on the scale of stressful jobs, until the career report came out earlier this year.  Since[...]

Bye Bye Burnout!

Hello Meeting Professional! With your job clocking in as number 6 of the most stress-related jobs, avoiding burn out is a must do for you. Here is an interesting fact; people who work only (nowadays, “only” is an appropriate word to use here) 40 hours a week get as much, if not more, done than[...]