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Who Can Take on the Tasks at Hand? Part 1

in: Event Planning Advice

0Do you go to bed at night and start thinking of the many things you have left to do to make your event the success you know it can be?  Do you start wondering if you are going to have enough time, or wish you could hire extra help?  Let’s take a look at some folks who can help you get the tasks done.

The Virtual Assistant:  Do you have one? If not, you probably need one.  Though we cannot imagine that anyone could possibly understand or know what is to be done with our emails, this is an unfounded fear. I bet you could figure out someone else’s emails, right? Of course you can, you are one of those super-hero people!  Believe me, there are others that can do the same.  Think of the many things they could take on for you; filter your emails, delete spam, keep your contact database in order, organize your calendar, schedule appointments, make travel arrangement, and send out thank you’s, reminders, invites and more!

As “pro” as this may seem, there are also some “cons.” There is always the risk that you may go through one or two before ending up with the perfect one. But once you have found the “one” they are worth their weight in gold!  Here are some ideas on where to find one.

The Odd Tasker: We find ourselves needing odd assistance at times.  Maybe you want a soda can designed with your logo, to translate something into to Chinese, or make a cartoon drawing of somebody. For such strange, odd tasks and more turn to Fiverr. Even if you have no odd task at hand, I would highly recommend you check the site out. There are some very creative ideas out there.  Pay attention to the ratings on the site, this will help you steer clear of those that don’t deliver on that five bucks!

The Online Marketer:  If the whole idea of running a social media campaign, writing web content, blogging or posting makes your eyes roll to the back of your head, then you need to find a good online marketer.  Not only can these folks create custom pages for your business or event, but they can also market it all online for you, recommend ways to get the most bang for your buck, keep in touch with your attendees and find new attendees to add to your list!

This should give you a good start. Keep an eye out next week where I will share more helpful task takers with you!

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Rachell August 21, 2013, 1:06 pm

Great comments! When working at a local bakery we had to multi task. We had a large minority customer base. It was important to translate our brochures in Spanish to reach out to the Spanish speaking customers.
We had to reach out to others to help with the translation of the brochures. I was not the owner of the bakery however, I spent many of nights awake thinking of what I could do to design a cake for a customer for the next day. I often gave them a couple of choices to choose from so they did not feel that they were stuck with one choice. You often think of your project whatever it is your baby until you follow it through to the end.