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Who Can Take on the Tasks at Hand? Part 2

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0-3Last week I shared with you some helpful helpers; those who can assist, do odd jobs and help you shine on line.  Today we are going to look at a couple more people who can help you make your event a super success!

The Visual Aide(s): Yes, you could make your own videos, take your own pictures, or get someone on the staff to do it.  There is nothing wrong with this approach, but for a few dollars you could have someone dedicated to the task and make your life a whole lot easier.  Professional photographers can run about $100/hour, their fee usually includes the processing time as well. There is an additional cost for the photos themselves. Make sure you can purchase digital versions as well.  You will be able to use the photos throughout the year on your social media, as well as for future marketing materials; you will use them again and again.

The same can be said for video. Plus, what a great tool! Have the videographer take testimonials from event attendees; use them throughout the year to market the next event.  Work with the videographer to come up with questions to help with your efforts. Ask attendees what they gained from the event, the best session they attended and why, how they feel the event has brought their career, knowledge, and skills up a notch.  Upload the (edited!) videos to a YouTube channel (see online marketer above) and you will also get some nice SEO play out of it!

The Site Selection Partner: Oh hey, that’s me!  Okay, what can I do for you?  I will put together an RFP and send it directly to my contacts (who I have worked with for years!). I will find the best location to fit your needs.  Once I gather this info I will send it to you in an easy to read headache-free spreadsheet.  I will negotiate on your behalf and, since I represent HelmsBriscoe, who buys more hotel room nights than any other organization out there, my negotiating power is quite impressive.  I will make sure that you are protected and work out contract points that do not make sense, then add in addendums that do.  I will be one quick call (636-797-3405) or email away, just in the case you need me to step in at anytime.  If, for whatever reason, the property fails you in any way during your event, I will help to make sure some refunds come your way or negotiate future terms for future meetings.  I am a value add (that means I only add to, I do not subtract from your bottom line). As well, I am very, dedicatedly, super passionate about doing the best for you!

There is a lot of support out there for you meeting planner.  I know that much of the time it feels as if you are going it alone, but truly there is no reason to feel that way.  What you do brings such value; of course people want to help you!

Please share with me your successes (or failures) with utilizing assistants and other types of task helpers!

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