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Team Building “Meeting”

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team building meeting

You know what they say about all work and no play.  There is a balance in life and if your team has seen a lot more work than play as of late, then perhaps it’s time to take them out for some fun!

  • Get their engines running with some NASCAR or F1 Racing.
  • Sing their praises with a Karaoke Night!  You can either load them up and hang out at a Karaoke bar or arrange for your own event through an event planner.
  • Take your team to see another hometown team with a day at the baseball game or other favorite sport.
  • Find their laser focus with laser tag.
  • Satisfy their hunger for fun with a Cooking Class.
  • Have them flying high with Zip Lining.
  • Watch them climb to the top with a day of Indoor Rock Climbing.
  • Take them on tour! Rent a bus and hit some of your city’s hotspots.
  • Japanese Steakhouses that feature talented chefs and seating around a large cook table are always a hit.
  • Check out some exciting urban activities like roof top gardening.
  • Keep your eye out for opportunities to see an inspirational or motivational business speaker and bring the team along.
  • Go to the movies! Why not? Choose a new blockbuster, buy popcorn, sodas and boxes of candy and watch the show. This is a great spontaneous activity!

Getting your team out of the office for a day of fun will help them to experience each other on a whole different setting and create greater connection. You can also further develop your corporate culture by providing interesting and diverse activities. Have a blast with your team and remind them why you are a great company!

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