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I Am Thankful For . . . .

in: Fun

Tomorrow we gather with friends and family to dine on a memorable meal and keep gratitude at the forefront of all we do. It is with great happiness that I share with you what I am thankful for at this time. You are the people in my life that make what I do possible and make it all worth it! So I say “Thank You” for:

  • My handy husband, Rick. Rick can fix just about anything, he can build things (like new kitchens!) and he will honor wishes (like, “I wish I had a television in the bathroom, mounted in that corner, so I can watch a good show while relaxing in the bath).
  • Super intelligent grandkids. I know what you’re thinking, all grandmothers thing their grandkids are extremely smart, but in my case it is true.
  • Well-raised children. This was something that Rick and I had hoped to one day be able to say about our adult children, “Our kids are great!” And we can. Our kids really are great!
  • Fun Friends. My friends are fun. If you were to take a peek at my Facebook Newsfeed, you would see that I am surrounded by many a witty friend.
  • Hotel property contacts that truly do want to serve my clients. I have several and I cannot thank you all enough for your wonderful ways.
  • Clients! Here is the thing about being in business for yourself; you get to be choosy and work with people you actually LOVE. I LOVE my clients. Each of you are fun and amazing individuals. It is more than worth my time to go over and above and make each meeting special.
  • A plethora of shopping choices! I can shop from my computer, I can shop from my phone, I can go to the mall, I can check out outlets and I even know where to hunt for big time bargains.
  • A plethora of connections! My favorite thing about social media is the ability to make connections like never before. It’s truly amazing.
  • Ellen Degeneres, because she is so very funny. If I need a good laugh, I can always count on Ellen to have posted a segment from her show that will have me cracking up.
  • Shoes, shoes with matching handbags, shoes I buy simply to go with one accessory, shoes that look lovely lining a walk-in closet, shoes that are comfy, shoes that are pure glam, and shoes that are so fabulous they practically walk on their own.
  • Ebay, to sell the shoes that will now better serve another, so I can welcome in a fresh new batch.
  • The ability to love. It surrounds me, is in me and I have to say, I am mighty thankful for it.

I am thankful for so many wonderful things! I know you are too. So please share with me what you are thankful for this year.

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