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One of the more wonderful gifts that Thanksgiving brings to us is the fact that it places Gratitude front and center. It causes us to pause and give thanks. Here is my list:

  • 6 Healthy Grandkids: Each and every one of them bring me great joy. I am happy to have them over often and to shower them with hugs, kisses and gifts galore.
  • Clients: Their support and trust keep me going, especially in the ever-challenging world of meeting planning. I love knowing the difference I make in their lives; which is to save them time, money, headaches and heartaches! And the positive difference they make in my life is beyond measurement!
  • Meeting Planning Industry: This industry keeps me young at heart. I love that we stay ahead of trends and are always ready to pivot. If any industry has pivoted gracefully during the pandemic, it was and is definitely us!
  • Venue and Hotel Partners: HelmsBriscoe has partners from around the globe. Our partners are so wonderful to work with; they bend over backwards to host our clients and took guest safety beyond seriously during COVID-19.
  • Airlines: I’d be amiss if I did not include the airlines in this list. They too stepped and put in place many initiatives to keep travelers safe during the pandemic.
  • Social Media: Despite its many downfalls, it has kept me connected to people I have known for many years, and connects me with new and exciting folks as well.
  • Zoom: Thanks to Zoom, Google Meet and other video call platforms, we’ve been able to continue doing business, and see our colleagues while sheltering in place.
  • A/C and Heat: I am extremely thankful to have enjoyed cool air in the hot St. Louis summer and heat in the very cold St. Louis winter. That said, there is a possibility that we are going to experience some issues this winter with gas prices and availability. I do not wish to be an alarmist, but it may be a good idea to purchase a space heater or two and perhaps some electric blankets before the temperatures drop significantly.
  • Good People: While some folks seem to have lost their humanity during this trying time, others have stepped up and taken kindness to whole a new level. Thank you to all of you who have been able to remain steady and be there for those in need.
  • Bailey: Bailey (pictured here) is my super sweet dog that embodies all that is wonderful – a never ending supply of kisses and adoration.
  • That Silly Squirrel: Sometimes we need assistance from other furry friends and for me it is the silly squirrel that keeps Bailey entertained and well exercised in our backyard.
  • Fashionable Masks: Masks that coordinate well with my ever-growing shoe collection are a must have. I am the epitome of pandemic panache when I step out in a face mask that harmonizes with whatever fabulous pair of shoes I’ve decided to wear with my OOTD.
  • You!: If you are reading this blog and a part of my audience, I thank you for being so. I write these blogs and often wonder if they’ve made an impact on any of you. If so, I hope that impact is one that is filled to the brim with positivity!

Thank You and Happy Thanksgiving, Meeting Planners!

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Barbara Quigley November 17, 2021, 11:34 am

Jill!!! I truly am thankful for your newsletters throughout the year! Happy Thanksgiving! Barb