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Fun and Festive Thanksgiving Games for the Whole Family

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Thanksgiving is a time for families to come together, share a delicious meal, and express gratitude for the blessings in their lives. In between the turkey and pumpkin pie, it’s always a great idea to add a bit of fun and entertainment to your Thanksgiving celebration. That’s where games come in! These engaging and laughter-inducing games are perfect for bringing your family even closer while adding an extra layer of excitement to your gathering.

Here are some ideas for your day of thanks and fun:

Accentuate: Adding a Twist to Charades

Accentuate is a game that puts a creative spin on the classic. The game’s objective is simple: teams compete to guess accents and phrases being acted out by their teammates. Each player takes turns drawing a card with an accent and a phrase written on it. They must then act out the phrase using the accent specified. For example, attempting a French accent while saying “I can’t believe it’s not butter!” can lead to some hilarious results.

This game is inclusive and suitable for all ages. Plus, the game’s rules are simple, and there are no winners or losers, ensuring that everyone can participate and have a blast.

Do You Really Know Your Family?: A Journey of Discovery

Do You Really Know Your Family? is a heartwarming and revealing game that tests how well family members know one another. The game is based on trivia questions and is an excellent opportunity to learn surprising and heartwarming facts about loved ones. It’s a wonderful way to deepen family connections, even when players think they know everything about each other.

This game will spark meaningful conversations, prompt nostalgic tales and strengthen bonds.

Trekking: For the National Parks Enthusiasts

Trekking is the winner of The Mensa and Parent’s Choice Award. The game incorporates an educational aspect by providing information about various national parks in the United States. Players can learn about geography, wildlife, and the unique features of the parks while playing. Trekking also offers a level of strategy. Players must plan their routes, make resource management decisions, and adapt to changing game conditions, helping to develop critical thinking skills.

This game is designed to be accessible and enjoyable for players of all ages and skill levels. The rules are straightforward, making it easy for even younger family members to participate without feeling overwhelmed.

Dixit: Creative Storytelling and Interpretation

Dixit is a popular and imaginative card game designed for creative storytelling and interpretation. It was created by Jean-Louis Roubira and first published in 2008. Dixit has won numerous awards and is known for its unique and artistic gameplay. The game includes a deck of beautifully illustrated, abstract art cards, each featuring intricate and intriguing artwork. The objective of Dixit is to encourage players to use their creativity and imagination to match a given storyteller’s card with a descriptive phrase or word that they choose.

There are many versions of Dixit that will satisfy all kinds of tastes and interests. It provides engaging and artistic gameplay, encouraging creative thinking, and providing a unique and visually appealing experience.

Exploding Kittens: For Those into Kittens and Explosions

Exploding Kittens is a wildly popular card game that has gained immense popularity with families and a wide range of players for several compelling reasons. It’s easy to learn, quick and engaging, highly interactive, and sure to create a lot of laughter and whimsy. There are a expansion packs available that offer new twists and strategies, keeping the game fresh and exciting. There’s even a mobile app version.

Overall, this game has found a unique balance between accessibility, humor, strategy, and replay-ability, making it a popular choice for families and gatherings. Its ability to entertain a wide range of players and create memorable moments of laughter and suspense has contributed to its widespread popularity.

These games offer a wide variety of experiences, from strategy and cooperation to creative storytelling and laughter. Bring in a new and memorable traditions to your Thanksgiving Day this year. Game on!

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