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Fall TV

Fall TV is fast approaching! I am in my new house and have set up my television area for perfect prime time viewing of all the new and favorite shows coming my way. For my last year’s fall TV lineup, check out my 2014 blog. Some of these shows remain favorites. I am excited for another season of Scandal. I cannot get enough of NCIS and NCIS New Orleans with Scott Hunkula. I’ve also really enjoyed watching Scorpion and How to Get Away with Murder. Other shows I mentioned did not stick with anyone; Hieroglyph was cancelled before its premiere and Bad Judge just couldn’t hold court.

Now let’s check out the goodies for Fall TV 2015!

SuperGirl is of high interest to me; the name alone conjures up the spirit of the meeting planning industry (unless you’re a guy, in that case sub “Girl” with “Guy” and you get where I’m coming from).

Blindspot involves a tattooed lady who, much to her own surprise is fluent in Chinese, yet she has no memory and by all accounts does not exist. Oh so intriguing.

Blood & Oil brings back a TV favorite, Don Johnson, as a legendary oilman. This has all the makings of a good drama; a ruthless rich oil family and the people who are looking to score big in oil (and become a ruthless rich oil family).

Limitless brings back Bradley Cooper, who also starred in the 2011 movie. The show is about a man that gains the ability to use the full extent of his brain’s capabilities – this, of course, means that much drama is sure to ensue. As meeting planners, well, we use an amazing amount of our brains, so I am sure we can all relate.

Scream Queens will catch the eye of the Pretty Little Liars fans out there. Quantico is setting itself up to capture the attention of Homeland fans. Life in Pieces features a functional dysfunctional family akin to Modern Family and Parenthood. Finally, if you miss Glee, check out Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. Oh, don’t forget The Grinder; it stars Rob Lowe, I think that’s all I need to say about that.

So settle into that sofa, pop up some popcorn and grab your remote – the Fall TV Season is here! If you want to chat about any of your favorite shows, give me a call me on my new number, 636-678-7661.




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