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Jill Stone

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The “F” Word (but not that “F” word)

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There are a lot “F” words out there, many that I would definitely prefer to use over others. Today I share with you some of my most favorite “F” words!

Financial: I love this word because it plays a huge role in what we do as meeting planners. Does the cost of a meeting make sense? Is there a budget to accomplish all that needs to be accomplished? Is there a way to get creative in order to save on budget in one place so monies can be put toward other, more necessary, items/activities/etc? Let me know where you are at on financials and I can help you find the perfect spot for your meeting!

Free: Who doesn’t like the word ‘Free’ but what does it mean? In my case, it’s two-fold: First, due to the buying and negotiating power of HelmsBriscoe, I am able to score free concessions and services for my clients. Second, my services are complimentary – I provide a huge value-add to my clients!

Fabulous: Which makes my services a fabulous deal!

Fairy: Yes, I am known as the Meeting Matchmaker Fairy Godmother; I excel at matching meeting planners with the perfect venue for their meeting AND I do so with a win-win-win mentality. A win for my client, a win for the venue, which makes it all a win for me and very Fair-y for all 😉

Fun: I love what I do! I am blessed to have found a career that taps into both my skill set and passion. I also promise that, to the best of my abilities, I will make it all fun for you too!

I am not fickle, nor a flibbertigibbet and I definitely not foolhardy. I am, however, fortunate enough to work with meeting planners, fizzy with excitement over what I can do for you – and fashionable if I do say so myself.

I look forward to hearing from you soon

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