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The Hunt for (Fabulously Decorated) Eggs

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Easter is this weekend! If the Easter Bunny plans on stopping by your place, surprise him with some baskets full of  Fabulously (but Easy) Decorated Eggs. Then make sure to hide them for your kids and grandkids fun Easter Egg Hunt!

  • eggsI know Martha Stewart tends to lean toward making things that take 27 steps and require ingredients from a boutique farm in Maine. But every once in awhile she brings us something that we can all do. These eggs are quite easy and very fun!

  • Break out the Sharpies and decorate! Here are some great ideas from the Sharpies blog. Okay, so, you may need an artistic inclination to copy these, but really, stick figures, dots, rainbows, squiggles and lines will do just fine.

  • These pretty speckled eggs are easy and so attractive!

  • Many cute and fun ideas on this page. I love the little bluebird in the nest; a very simple, but noticeable idea.

  • For these silly eggs you use googly eyes; seriously, you just can’t go wrong when you use googly eyes.

  • Also, be sure to check out Paas, the makers of the Easter Egg Dye we have all counted on for years. They have some very easy, fun, kid-friendly ideas on their page. (Warning: Turn off your sound or you will have to listen to a peeping chick the entire time you are on the page).

And for those of you that just have tons of extra time, try your hand at Easter Egg Carving. Oh my, forgot who I was talking to there for a minute! Meeting planners, with tons of extra time? I do not believe such a things exists : ) Take Easter off Meeting Planners – you so deserve it! Have a Happy Easter!


Thank you to Martha Stewart for the image!


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