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These Heels Were Meant for Walkin’

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high heel failWell, as Oprah used to say, some high heels are “5 minute shoes” and some are “10 minute shoes” but I call mine “sitting shoes” and I mostly wear them when I know I will do more sitting than standing or walking. If us gals wore high heels for sitting purposes only we would all look marvelous and feel wonderful.  But, shoes were made for walking, and most of us do not have servants willing to carry us from one place to another – we must walk and when it comes to high heels, some of us are better at walking in them than others.

In my last blog I shared with you some High Heel Hints where I talked about not only where to design your own pair of signature high heels, but also staying as comfy as possible in your pair. Now let’s talk walk.  We have all seen them, the newly initiated young girls, dressed up for prom, wobbling their way to dinner with their dates.  Unfortunately, it seems that many of us do not graduate from this phase.

Victor Chu, who offers a ‘How to Walk in High Heels’ Class in New York says, “Ninety-five percent of women don’t know how to walk in high heels.” Wow! Really? Ninety-five percent of us have more wobble in our walk and a mere five percent of us (I am going to count myself in the five percent) have the true ability to handle the stilettos-sphere?  Interesting.

Mr. Chu’s classes are available in New York.  So, what is a gal in Malibu, San Francisco, or St. Louis to do?  Well, let me tell you!

  1. Do not wear high heels in the following places or while doing the following activities: the beach, any sports, riding a motorcycle or bike, in the snow, while climbing ladders or while crossing a cattle guard (I live in a rural area–this is an actual concern).

  2. According to Chu, you need to have “engaged abs, relaxed hips and knees.” He also advises high heel wearers to regularly stretch the calves and ankles to avoid cramping up.

  3. Check out one of these videos; this first video is sort of dry, but to the point, the second video is from a model with bit more diva attitude.

  4. If you are a serious high heel wearer and dedicated to tall shoe wear, purchase the Legwork DVD. This DVD is a collaboration between Broadway dancers, shoe designers, and ballerinas; it is a workout that takes you from wobble to wow, bringing you to true platform prowess.

Truth be told, and this sort of hurts me to admit, but I do wear flats when I know there will be much walking involved; site visits of hotels, running through airports, and chasing grandchildren around the house, these activities call for flat-wear. And, by the way, I am seeing a future adventure for me. Something along the lines of Jill Stone Meetings and Walking in High Heels with Class Enterprises, it has a nice ring to it I think. No matter what, be I in slippers, flats or tennies, my way of being is always making the following statement – “This gal is walking tall in sky high heels : )”  Happy High Heel Hellos to you all!
Thank you to Nutty Times for the image!

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