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These Ideas are on Fire!

in: Event Planning Advice


As we move into October, we think autumn leaves, warm drinks and bonfires. With that in mind let’s give you some ideas that will set your next meeting ablaze, figuratively speaking of course.

Here are some of my current favorite ideas!

Dietary concerns are always a part of any event. If someone is allergic to something, this is of high concern and needs to be clearly communicated with those who are preparing the food items. A great idea is to provide your allergy-ridden attendees with a travel card option to have on hand and share during the event.

This is the time of year where everything goes pumpkin spice. I say it’s a great idea to jump on this bandwagon, as it is so well loved. Be sure to talk to your venue as they may already offer a pumpkin spiced something. If not, help them get with the program and see about offering pumpkin spiced cream cheese with the morning bagels, or perhaps a pumpkin spiced inspired dessert at dinner. If you need some inspiration, check out this page.

We are heading into a charitable time of year; make it a part of your event! MPI had a wonderful idea at their WEC! Attendees were encouraged to create gift bags and personalized notes that were then donated to hospitalized children at UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital.

With the holidays looming, we all know that indulging in our favorite foods is a must. That said, we also tend to think about staying fit! Why not include a FitKit in the VIP swag bags. The FitKit can be customized with your logo, The kit only ways 2 pounds, it includes an exercise band, resistance tube, jump rope, door anchor, and exercise cards. The kit comes in a sleek, portable case. There is also online access to a library of over 250 exercises.

Flowers are always a wonderful addition to an event, but they can really eat into your budget. Large blooms like Sunflowers, mums and Gerber daisies can have big impact at a lower cost. Floating a few blooms to a bowl filled with water is another elegant, yet impactful, idea. Here are some helpful floral hints from The Knot that double as great advice for any event. Also, consider arrangements that speak to the hot colors for this fall.

Finally send off your attendees, literally, with a congratulatory cocktail that is TSA friendly and ready for take off!

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