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Third Party Planners; the New Power Brokers in Meetings

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Roger Helms, HelmsBriscoe

Have you checked out your latest (February 2012) issue of Meetings & Conventions Magazine? Notice that none other than our own Roger Helms graces the cover. The article focuses on how third party planners have gained momentum as a definite and necessary player in the meetings industry.

Meeting planners have watched their departments dwindle over the years, and yet they are still expected to create meetings that are fresh and successful for the attendees and organizations alike. There is only one way to make it happen and that is by outsourcing some of the work. Here is where a reliable and trustworthy third party planner can really make you shine!

The M&C article states that “HelmsBriscoe is the personification of third-party evolution.” I know that we have advanced to this place due to our commitment to creating trusting and lasting relationships with our clients. We act as an extension of your team; we take the time to get to know you, your company, and your corporate culture in order that we place your event into the hands of the best property for achieving your meeting’s goals.

Our reputation is clearly preceding us as we have seen exceptional growth in new clients. In the article Roger Helms shares, “Not only have we had phenomenal international growth and  greater traction with existing accounts, but what has been really surprising is the amount of first-time corporate accounts that have come to us.” He goes onto say, “They want us to handle their total hotel meeting spend, which places our associates directly in their procurement process. That’s a huge shift in the purchasing model.”

Recently, I received my 6th President’s Club Award from HelmsBriscoe. For me, this confirms my ongoing commitment to my clients. It is my annual reminder that I am, in fact, bringing a top quality value add to each and every one of the clients that have placed their trust in me. Want to see how I can help you? In the time it takes you to drink a cup of coffee, I can answer all your questions, and even answer some questions you didn’t even know to ask.  Call me today at 636-797-3405 and let’s chat!

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