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Jill Stone

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This Takes the Cupcake

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The setting: You are at a late afternoon meeting and the host offers a plate of cupcakes. The one you choose reveals much about you.

So which do you choose? Your choices are:

cupcakes (2)

            • Chocolate
            • Vanilla
            • S’mores
            • Raspberry Lemon Cream
            • Red Velvet
            • Carrot


If you chose Chocolate you are not afraid to take chances. You are the planner that is up with the trends, you’re willing to give what-is-new-and-hot a go! Your colleagues keep a close eye on what you do as they find you to be a respected predictor of what they should pay attention to and what they may as well ignore.

If you chose Vanilla you are a traditionalist. You have a perfect formula for your meeting’s success and will only stray when something has proven itself over and over again. You are a “count on” individual that is deeply trusted.

If you chose S’mores you can do a little bit of everything. Sure, you can plan the meeting with your eyes closed, but you can also create a logo for the event, write up copy for the agenda, and even design a respectable web page to market to the masses. You are a bit of everything in one scrumptious package.

If you chose Raspberry Lemon Cream you are spunky and colorful. This is reflected in everything you do; from your dress to the bands that rock your events to the décor and ambience you create. You can transform any space into a whole new realm, and everyone is pretty much guaranteed to experience a memorable and fun twist from the norm.

If you chose Red Velvet you are passionate. You will only do what you can stand behind with a solid stance. Your success is imminent, as you will only do what you have a passion to do and it is evident in every detail of your meeting and planning.

If you chose Carrot you are common sense and practical. Rarely if ever will your events go over budget, your events are solid and sound; you will forego any and all fluff when it comes to delivering a meeting that is all about business and getting down to the issues at hand.

So, what Cupcake are you? Tell me on my Facebook page!

Oh, and of course, there’s an app you should check out as well : )

*Thank you to the Cupcake Activist for the image!

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