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Time to Walk In a Winter Wonderland

in: Fun

Wouldn’t it be nice to walk in a Winter Wonderland about right now?  I know how it is meeting planner, you are ready for some holiday cheer, and while the rest of the office is enjoying a bit of downtime, you have yet to slow down.

Take a breath, ready your best karaoke voice and sing along to the following to the tune of Walking In a Winter Wonderland. Enjoy!

Snowman-CompetitionPhones will ring

I can’t react

On my desk

Is a contract

An unhappy sight

Can’t go home tonight

Working on a hotel contract now


Gone away is my vision

Here to stay is confusion

I read it again


Working on a hotel contract now


In the meantime, I get lots of contracts

And pretend that they will melt away

I’ll say: who can help me?

They’ll say:  Jill Stone

She can read them so you don’t have to stay


Later on 
I’ll get inspired

and I’ll call 
Jill Stone, so required

To help me find sites

So I can go home tonight

Instead of working on a hotel contract now


No more working on a hotel contract now!


Happy Holidays, Meeting Planners!


Thank you to Friendship Circle for the image!


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