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Jill Stone

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I remember when the online and internet activity first started to take hold. Email had become a standard form of communication, it also became the new way to send out chain letters (do this or die!), jokes, and angel pictures made from carefully placed keyboard characters, and creepy videos of computerized dancing babies, anyone remember these? Websites were few, and most were rather rudimentary by today’s standards. A few brave souls began making purchases on line, and still others began downloading music at a time when most us were not quite sure what “downloading” even meant.

Then came marketing via email with fancy e-newsletters; expensive colorful printed newsletters, chock-full of postage gave way to slicker, email versions; that cost quite a bit less and required no recycling. And all during this time, little Mark Zuckerberg was growing up with visions of codes in his head. Social Media would be born one day and crown Mark as it’s king.

One of the fun things about all this social sharing is blogging. I am blogging right now! It’s a way for some of us to share what we do, why we do it, and who we do it for. We share our insights and even sometimes get some feedback. One of the ways we get feedback is by taking a peek at our analytics. For example, I can look at my Facebook analytics and see how many people are talking about my posts, which posts were most popular, which fans engaged the most, even how many friends my fans have.

When I look at my newsletter analytics I can view how many people have opted out of receiving my e-newsletters (thankfully, that number is practically non-existent), how many new people have signed up, how many people actually opened the newsletter and how many people clicked through . . . . . . to this, the blog. And here is what has peaked my ever curious mind. Many of you (I thank you with all my heart), open up the newsletter. But not as many of you click through to this digital place right here, being the place where my blog resides. So the question is this – is my witty banter and intriguing newsletter witty and intriguing to the point where moving onto the next step – clicking through to the actual blog – is rendered unnecessary? Or might there be another explanation that I have yet to learn? If any of you are up for sharing some of your own insights with me then I am listening. Come on over to Facebook and let me know! Happy day to you all!

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breadnbutter69 May 16, 2012, 5:40 pm

HI Jill, very cool blog!!! Thanks for sharing the insights. About clicking – I wonder how many click-throughs people top bloggers get. Just to know the averages…