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Stand-out-ing: Have an Outstanding Tradeshow Appearance

in: Event Planning Advice


Ensure an outstanding tradeshow showing by standing out! When your team starts planning for the next tradeshow appearance, here are some ideas to consider:

  • It takes 2. Consider 2 levels of giveaways; one easy useful item like hand sanitizer, water bottles and USB chargers, then a premium giveaway for those that you consider to be hot prospects – ask attendees for the name of the decision maker and ask to send a premium giveaway to them as well.
  • Go BIG. On bags that is, the bigger bags tend to be the one that everyone will use, imagine the company logo showing up big time wherever any turns!
  • Be in the now. Another way to ensure the company logo is seen is to give out t-shirts, then ask attendees to wear them right away in exchange for a little something . . . like a drink ticket for an after party.
  • Think outside the booth. A great way to get spend some quality networking time is to invite hot prospects to an after party thrown by you!
  • Early involvement. Make sure to reach out to the audience ahead of time. Consider getting them involved by asking them to weigh on a theme or vote on the swag to be included at the booth.
  • Campaign. Create a plan for social messaging, email blasts and more; ensure that all who are attending the event are aware that you will be there. Use the event hashtag and tag/mention other collaborative companies attending show. Ideate with your team ahead of time to come up with a campaign that will rise above the noise.
  • Use video. A well-crafted video will tell the company story and can be used before and during the show. After the show, send out a thank you video from the team.
  • Creative outlet. A well-designed booth is one thing, but creativity is king. Talk to the local CVB to find out about the interesting offerings available in the area. Maybe there’s a local bird sanctuary that will bring in some interesting birds; create a theme about taking flight. Perhaps your company digitizes a process that once relied on too much paper; the theme could then be about making paper fun again by providing quick origami and paper airplane instructions.
  • Stay on brand. In all that surrounds the stand out plans, make sure the booth, the design, the giveaways and more stay on brand and message.

Have an outstanding event and make sure to standout!

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