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Travel Gifts

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travel gifts

Who do you know that loves to travel? Part of the joy of travel for some is owning cool travel gadgets and goodies that make travel easier and more enjoyable. Get out that credit card, you are going to want to buy these for your most mobile buddies, and maybe even add one to your own stocking this holiday season!

Pearly Whites on the Go: This is one of Oprah’s Favorite Things for 2021. Philips One Rechargeable Toothbrush comes with a travel case and a simple charging cable that takes up less space than the bases that power most electric toothbrushes. Many color choices are just another feature!

Crossbody Bags for all: Lululemon has super cute and sporty crossbody bags in many colors. Perfect for the traveler that wants to keep their basics at hand in the most stylish manner possible.

Keepsakes Traveler: For the traveler that is sentimental about all that they’ve seen and experienced, help them to keep those memories alive and easily accessible with a travel token holder that features engraved tokens for parks, states and countries. The holder can be used as a keychain or clipped to a backpack.

The Over-packer: I have this issue – I mean the shoes I must pack – I need to bring along several pairs! As a result, I need to ensure I do not get over charged for my overpacking by always weighing my luggage before checking in at the airport.

Extra Safety: Can you be too safe during a pandemic? I have shared some great info on past blogs about how airlines, venues and more have really stepped up their safety game during COVID-19. For those that would like a bit more assurance, check out this personal air purifying device.

Charge Up: It strikes fear into the heart when an electronic device’s battery is in the red. Yikes! Always take along a portable charger (or two) and keep those devices humming along.

Adapting to Travel: Travel Adapters have become even more compact and versatile than ever. Here is an all in one adapter that works in 150 countries, can support many devices at once and can be used in the home as well.

Safe Money: Nothing curtails travel enjoyment like somebody messing with your money. Keep those cards safe with this RFID wallet.

Stay Caffeinated: For some of us, a day without coffee is simply not to be tolerated. If you are wary of the in-room coffee maker or (heavens no!) the Airbnb did not include a coffee maker, this travel coffee maker is a must. Some bonuses are that it does not require already hot water, as a pour over coffee maker would require, and this maker uses regular ole grind.

The “Cold” Friend: For the friend that is traveling to a winter wonderland and you want to make sure they stay toasty warm, this rechargeable hand warner is amazing! It heats up fast and stays warm for hours.  

They Have It Already: Finally, for the travel friend with all things travel, there’s bound to be something new for them here!

Happy Travels to You and Yours!

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