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Jet Set Smart: Travel Hacks for Seamless Adventures

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Traveling can be exhilarating, but it can also be overwhelming. With these tips and tricks, adventurers can make for a smoother and more enjoyable journey – and put the savvy in traveler!

Check in ASAP: Do not dawdle! The time to check into a flight is as soon as possible; 24 hours before a domestic flight and as far in advance as an airline will allow for international flights. Being the last to do so may mean being bumped from a flight.

All the Apps: There is an app for everything and it is worth exploring what’s available from the chosen airline, seat selection, hotel reservations, airport maps, destination city transportation, sightseeing and more. An effective way to consolidate reservation information from the email inbox is to use the TripIt app. The Pro version also includes fair and point trackers, CLEAR trial, AirHelp partnership, and more.

Print It: In case of internet issues, it’s always a good idea to have paper backups of all travel documents. At the very least take screen shots!

Get Colorful: With luggage that is. It’s far easier to spot bright yellow luggage in a sea of black and blue. If basic colored luggage has already been purchased, jazz it up with a colorful tag and/or handle.

Double Duty: There are several items that serve more than one purpose, making for more efficient packing:

  • Neck pillow that doubles as a place to store extra clothing.
  • Travel Belt Bag that works as both a sling for attaching an extra bag to the luggage handle, as well as a stylish bag for on-the-go travel.
  • This Drink Carrier acts as an extra pair of hands!
  • One scarf with many possibilities; a stylish scarf that can hold necessities (passport, sunglasses, cash, credit cards, keys), as well as act as a scarf (double or single loop), shawl, wrap or head covering. Need something for smaller items only, check out this Scrunchie.
  • Reversible wear means packing one item that can be used for two outfits.
  • This Portable Fan is also a power bank and a flashlight making it triple duty!

Tech Treasures: Also helpful are tech items that can be used for traveling, or pop them in a briefcase for everyday use while out and about at meetings:

  • This 3-in-1 Foldable Wireless Charger is compact and charges up an iPhone, iWatch, and AirPods all at once.
  • Apple AirTags keep track of where luggage is. Also, keep one in a carry-on in case it needs to be checked it at the last minute. Know where luggage has ended up even if the airline does not!
  • A Digital Luggage Scale will help the over packer and avoid additional cost at the check in counter. ALWAYS be sure to check the airline’s guidelines beforehand.
  • AirFly wirelessly transmits audio from in-flight entertainment without wires. The battery life is 25+ hours, perfect for even the longest of flights!

Cabin Comfort: Seat space is small, but there are a lot of choices when it comes to making a flight as comfy as possible.

  • Quell hunger by bringing along healthy snacks like protein bars and trail mix.
  • A footrest can make all the difference on a long flight. This Inflatable Version is adjustable for adults and kids, and deflates into a small easy-to-carry pouch.
  • These days there are many ways to catch some ZZZZZs by using a comfy Travel Pillow or Pillow Wedge.
  • Bring along a Soft Travel Blanket, that also folds up into a pillow!
  • Download favorite shows or movies to a phone and watch with this handy and versatile Phone Mount.
  • Avoid dreaded foot and ankle swelling with Compression Socks.
  • Ward off jet lag naturally with this Homeopathic Remedy.
  • Ensure quiet time with noise reduction Earplugs.
  • Stay hydrated! Fill up a Collapsible Bottle and add in Electrolytes, once clear of the security check of course.
  • Wear comfy and stylish clothes made of cotton, knit, or jersey. Think breathable, but not prone to wrinkles. Here are some ideas here for women and for men.

Airport Ease and Safety: Take the stress out of all-things airport!

  • Purchase a 5-year Global Entry Membership, which includes TSA PreCheck, to shorten security line times. Totally worth the$100 price tag for those that fly several times a year domestically, and at least one international flight per year.
  • Check with credit card companies to see if they offer any special travel benefits.
  • Keep all important items convenient and in one place with a Travel Neck Pouch.
  • Don’t let anyone take off with a small bag or lanyard with this Key Ring that keeps valuables secure and within reach.

These travel hacks streamline the travel experience, and makes the most of adventures around the globe. Take care and be safe, Meeting Managers!

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