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Travel Hacks

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Travel Hacks

Sometimes you don’t need stuff, you just need a little bit more know how.  Here are some travel hacks you can use in a pinch, and using items that you more than likely have at hand.

Stuck Zipper Hack:  Zippers are awesome until they quit working. Your suitcase is packed, you go to zip it up and run out the door when . . . the zipper gets stuck! No problem, grab that little bar of hotel soap, run it up and down both sides of the zipper to unstick.

Bug Bite Hack: That same bar of soap will also relieve your bothersome bug bites.  Rub it directly on your bites for relief, use it wet or dry (see which works best for you) on your bites for relief.

Dirty Sole Hack:  If you do not want the bottom of your shoes touching your clean clothes, be super nice to those housekeeping peeps and ask them for some extra shower caps.  You can use these as shoe covers. Another ides is to use the plastic ice bucket liners.

Travel Shampoo Hack: Your travel items can do double-duty. Spruce up leather items with a bit of shampoo. Just rub a small amount of shampoo in circular motion with a clean cloth. Rumor has it that this is a great idea for protecting shoes from winter salt stains as well.

Travel Conditioner Hack: Conditioner is a great substitute for shaving cream!

Airplane Sock Hack: When you travel overseas you may be given a pair of socks that you will more than likely never use beyond that plane ride, if at all. They are, however, great for carrying small items in need of extra protection, or to keep small items from scratching other suitcase friends.

Bag Tag Hack: Those sticky tags the airlines use as tracking stickers can also be used as lint removers.  Carefully remove the tag, and use the sticky side to blot anything lint-y.

TV Hack: If you have a gadget that charges via USB, check out your hotel TV; it may just have a USB plug in that you can use as a power source.

Belt Hack: For men that want to keep their business dress shirt collars crispy and wrinkle free, pack them using a rolled up belt inside the collar.

Happy travels and happy hacking!

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