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Travel Predictions 2015 – Part 2

in: Travel and Hospitality

We are only 2 months into this year and more predictions keep rolling in. My friends over at Executive Travel have shared more of their predictions and I share them here with you. Of course, I have to throw in my own 2 cents. Enjoy!

Cruise Through the Golden Years: According to Executive Travel it is cheaper to live on a cruise ship ($150 per day) than it is to stay in assisted living ($200 per day). Someone needs to tell this to Lee Wachtstetter who spends $164,000 a year to do so.

Or Just Cruise to Europe Now: Expect 2-for-1 early bird luxury cruise ship specials. Some to include free airfare and land tours!

But Be Aware of This Cruise Truth: On board food, drink and more is going to cost more; it may no longer be included in the price. There will also be additional fees for Internet and excursions. On top of it all there are port taxes that can add a healthy sum to your final bill. Ask questions before signing the dotted line!

Carry-On with Carry-On: No fees for carry-ons will continue to be carried through this year. Keep in mind that you cannot carry a gun on board, nor can you carry a torch. But you can carry a tune, much like this flight attendant.

Delta Is Flying High: Apparently, when it comes to airlines, Delta is on it. Their marketing, service and operations are tip-top. CNN addressed their awesomeness last year and it seems to have been a non-stop flight since.

American is Still in the Game: American Airlines is looking to attract more first and business class peeps by offering premium at deep discounts.

Southwest Eye Opener: If you have yet to notice this, you now will. Over the past few years, Southwest has quietly raised their fares; which are now higher in comparison with other airlines by over 50% of the time. Now you know.

I predict that there will also be a Part 3. See you next week!

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