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Triassic Park Meeting Planner

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You’ve heard of Millenials, and some of us are keeping up with them a bit better than others. Some of us are just not. I came across this article the other day that revealed 7 Signs You May be a Jurassic Park Event Manager. It’s a fun article, and I must admit that I continue to “dress to impress” (#4). Also, non-responsiveness to my emails and texts will have me picking up the phone to call you (#6).

At the same time, I am definitely not completely Jurassic. I do not fax (#3), I do not use 3-ring binders (#7) and as one who reads and values hotel contracts (I read quite a few over the course of a year for my clients), I will never ever just shake on it (#1).

Now I’m not pointing any fingers here, but I do know some folks that are perhaps more Triassic Park (the time period that precedes Jurassic) than Jurassic Park.

Here are a few signs that someone is stuck in Triassic Park:

  • They still speak fondly about their Palm Pilot.
  • When they first heard about Flipped Learning they thought that it might have something to do with inversion tables.
  • When someone mentions ‘Mobile Learning’, they’ll envision instructors on a moving vehicle.
  • The first time someone mentioned ‘Instagram’ they made a mental note to ask about it during their next visit to the post office (where they continue to buy stamps so they can send in their bill payments).
  • They’re not clear on what ‘Gamification’ is, but they’re pretty sure it has something to do with the Game of Thrones.
  • They wonder how Millenials communicate without an email address.
  • They recently figured out how to use their iPod right as Apple announced they would cease production of them.
  • They use the word “The” before every social media platform, ie “Are you on The Facebook?”
  • Their favorite show is on Thursday night, and they always make sure to be home on time to watch it – as to not miss an episode.
  • They’re confused as to why people call pound signs hashtags.
  • When someone asks them to “send a link” to something they’re not sure where the link is located or why they would do such a thing.
  • They remain your gray-faced friend on Facebook and you only know they see your posts because they mention them when you meet in person.
  • They only link in with people they’ve met face to face and find all other requests suspicious.

Does this list describe someone you know? Yes, you probably know this person, but my guess is that you are not this person. You know how I know? You’re a Meeting Professional!

Soon we will travel into the future to visit what most of you are – Futurassic Park Planners. Though we may know a few Triassic Parkers, Meeting Professionals tend to be trailblazers creating the trends of tomorrow today.

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