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True Quiet Positivity

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True quiet positivity2

The holiday season has officially begun! It’s the time of year we are supposed to be happy, right? But maybe happy is a bit much, how about we go for something along the lines of true quiet positivity. Like the sound of that?

Don’t overthink what you are about to read, just read and let’s see if this works. Ready . . . set . . . read!

It’s Saturday morning and you know your day is going to be easier and more interesting than most days. Even though you are comfortable between the silk sheets of your bed, you’ve had plenty of rest. You gently emerge feeling fresh and ready to welcome the day. Out your window you view the forests of your land, you feel the warmth of this dearest day and wonder how life could be any better? An honest pal of yours sends a text, “Hi, are you up for meeting tonight? How about dinner and a piano concerto. I have tickets!” You heartily agree to the invite. Your friend is not sure where to dine, but you, being a most useful person, suggest a new restaurant known for serving the best flavored water and cherry pie. You friend accepts this with relief, as they are not well versed in the restaurants of the area. “Yes! That sounds like a very fine place to dine. I just made rhyme!” It’s safe to say you are in for a happy day!

So, do you feel anchored in happiness right now? I came across this article from Mental Floss about the 25 of the Happiest Words in English. The article talks about the happiest words – laughter, happiness, love, happy, laughed, laugh, laughing, excellent, laughs, joy, successful, win, rainbow, smile, won, pleasure, smiled, rainbows, winning – but states that, “They might be nice to hear. But it turns out that positivity heaped on positivity becomes, like sugar or a giant clown smile, sickening after a point.”

Oh goodness, I certainly did not wish to sicken anyone. So instead, decided to use the words that article determined were those that were anchored in true quiet positivity . . . and I think we can all agree that we like the sound (and feeling) of that.

May your day and holiday season be truly quiet and anchored in positivity, Meeting Planner!

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