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Be Mine

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Valentine’s Day is on its way. People will express their love to their partners, children and friends . . . and some of us may even express our love to our careers. Meeting Planners love what they do; it’s a career of passion. What do us planners love most? My thoughts:

Meet Me: Virtual meetings are here and are becoming more real each and everyday. At the same time, we realize the importance of in person meetings as the energy we create #IRL (in real life) cannot yet be produced in a digital way. For meeting planners, virtual meetings add another layer and challenge to a career that keeps us on our toes. And we like it!

Be Mine: The future is ours! As technology deepens and expands the meeting experience, meeting planners stay true to keeping up. At the same time, we see so many changes that we also know to practice discernment. Meeting planners don’t just hop on the new technology bandwagon, we assess and watch, then make an informed decision as to whether or not the new technology lends to experience of our attendees.

Crazy 4U: We are happily crazy about every single detail of all we do. We read each line of any contract carefully (or, of course, enlist the help of a super skilled site selection resource). We ask many questions and then ask some more. We spend time getting to know our attendees, speakers, vendors, exhibitors, venues, colleagues and everyone involved with our meeting and industry. We are crazy for this stuff!

Reach 4 It: There are no ceilings in meeting planning. As soon as we have taken ourselves, organizations and meetings up to the next level, we are already looking up and planning to take it all up another notch.

Ask Me: We are approachable, open to questions, willing to change, and ready to learn new things. Need something? Just ask. Have a suggestion? Let us know. We are available and ready to listen.

Time 2 Dance: As busy as we are, we also make the time the dance. We do this for ourselves and for our attendees. At our meetings, we have taken the time to build in opportunities for growth and learning, but also the time to relax and let loose.

XOXOXO meeting planners and Happy Valentine’s Day to you! I serve you because I, without a doubt, adore you, if you need anything at all just Text Me or Call Me (636-678-7661). Let’s Hold Hands and make your meetings happen. I promise you’ll Adore Me, you may even think I’m your Angel <3 .


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