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Variables and Variants

in: Event Planning Advice


At this very moment there are many variables – and variants – to take into consideration. Event planning and management has always been challenging. Now it’s beyond challenging; there are many unknowns, and a lot of conflicting and confusing information coming at us from every platform. It’s a wonder any of us can even plan a successful trip to the grocery store right now.

Take a deep breath, we’re all in this together. Here are some things for you to consider:

Get Out and Ask: Sometimes organizations are too close to what they do. Get “outside” and reach out to other diverse groups. Find out what they are doing to keep their audience engaged. Survey your attendees, potential speakers and venues; ask them what they have seen, what they are interested in, what they like/dislike, and what they are comfortable with at this time.

Think Small and Safe: Create small events for a limited amount of people. These intimate group encourage lasting relationships that will positively impact the big events you will again plan . . .  one day.

Travel Strategy: Meetings that require travel also require a strategy. What was available then, may not be available now. There are new restrictions in place, and those restrictions are not by any means consistent across the board. Know the “travel story” from point A to point Z on behalf of your attendees. The more they know, the more comfortable they will feel as they make their way to and from your meeting.

High Value Content: This is group specific. It will require research and homework. Study industry experts and thought leaders. Watch what they post on LinkedIn, read their latest blogs, watch their current videos. Immerse yourself in content in order to define what your attendees will value most.

Virtual as a Master Craft: By now, attendees expect you to be an expert at hosting a virtual event. They have been to many and the stakes are high. Some items not to be overlooked are to include a high-energy host, offer engaging participatory segments, use professional lighting and equipment and if you do not have 5G internet now, get it!

Have a Plan B and C, maybe a D: With variants popping up in various places, meeting planners cannot leave anything to chance. Make sure vendors allow for cancellation in the case of a rise in Covid cases in their area. Be ready with an alternate location or virtual offer.

Finally, I’ve shared a lot about hybrid events. They are here to stay. It is the new way to meet, pandemic or no pandemic. It’s to be mastered. And meeting planner, if anyone can master it, it’s you!

Need some help, I’m here for you. I have a global network at my fingertips including virtual partners. Engage me to help you learn the latest pertinent information about travel and any venue anywhere.

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