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Video Fills In the In-Betweens!

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ID-100223608Keep your attendees awake by breaking things up a bit.  One way to do this is to through video; and there are so many interesting and engaging videos to choose from, you’ll be hard pressed to not find something that is perfect for your group!

There are several video sites out there, with YouTube topping the list.  Estimates show that an average of 544 minutes per user are spent watching videos on Google sites per month!

Videos can be used to drive a point, show what to do, what not to do. They can kick off a meeting or be shown between speakers.   If you have “set changes” they are great for keeping everyone entertained while you prepare for the next offering. Here are some videos to get you started.

Need a pep talk?  Look no further than Kid President! Presented by SoulPancake, Kid President is a YouTube sensation that has interviewed Beyonce, Josh Groban (after a successful Twitter campaign to do so) and the real President, President Obama.

Want to get your organization thinking? A popular TEDx Talk for changing perspectives is from Simon Sinek. He who shows how leaders can inspire action and it all starts with asking “Why?”

Is a bit of “nostalgia” in order? If your meeting is all about looking where your organization has come from and where it is going, you could have some fun with this Evolution of Hip Hop video featuring Jimmy Fallon and Will Smith.

Love cats (or at least the videos)? Cats are the darlings of video. They are so popular, that there is even a Cat Video Festival held at the Walker Art Center in Minnesota each year. There are short cat videos that defy all logic, the inner contemplations of cat-dom as shared in Henri Part Deux, and if you want to make sure that everyone knows the answer is “No,” check out this cat.

Want to quit the façade and get real? Show this video revealing how women are transformed into unattainable perfection.

Looking for the secret to happiness?  Show this!

Teaching a how to? If your workshop or presentation is all about how to do something, start them off with the hilarious How Animals Eat Their Food from Mr. Epic Man.

Ready for action? Take a note from some of the top action hero movie stars. Jean Claude Van Damme takes his famous splits us a notch in this Volvo ad.  Of course, Chuck Norris trumps JCVD in this Season Greeting.

Ready to save the world?  Just Follow the Frog.

Does your brand uphold humanity?  One of the most awesome trends for organizations is realizing the importance of humanizing their brand. If your organization is showcasing their human-ness, then show them We are Human.

Need a shoulder to lean on? This is a heartwarming video showing just that.

Sales up this year? Give everyone a high five!

Now it is your turn, I would love for you to share some videos with me. Which videos are you drawn to, have you used any for your meetings, which of the videos have I shared might you use?  Share it on my Facebook page.

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