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Be a (Virtual) Hero Part 3: Hire a Virtual Event Producer

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Virtual hero event producer

Following up with my final in a series about being a Virtual Hero. In the first two blogs I discussed helpful basics on virtual meetings and how to conduct a panel discussion via virtual.

Virtual is here to stay. Even live events are going hybrid and continue to include a virtual offer as part of their package. An important team member to include these days is a Virtual Event Producer:

  • Virtual Event Producers are familiar with many different platforms and can help you navigate the platform that is best for your event. Some are fairly simple and to the point, while others allow for more sophisticated offerings like breakout rooms and sign ins for capturing email addresses.
  • The producer will take care of the technical end of things so that you and your speakers can pay attention to all the other details like run of show and presentations.
  • Practice sessions are a must! For many this will be a new experience and they will need to know when they are “on,” and when they are “behind the scenes,” which button to push when.
  • If videos are to be included in the event, the producer will queue them up and ensure that sound levels are on par with the rest of the event.

Some elements to consider are:

  • Providing speakers with an Ethernet, Network, LAN and Patch Cable. Most of us wireless connections to our WIFI, and this is not always a stable connection. A cable that connects a laptop or desktop directly to WIFI will better ensure they stay connected.
  • Sound quality will generally be improved via a microphone. Consider supplying microphones to the speakers as well.
  • Your branding is also a nice touch. Create and send along a banner with your company or event logo, speakers can place these behind them in their background. Also consider sending along a branded shirt for them wear, and branded water bottles or coffee mugs.
  • Assist speakers with how they show up on video. If they are facing their computer with a bright window of light behind them their face will be dark. A ring light can be very helpful in illuminating their face. Also, they’ll want to avoid backgrounds that are distracting, or have people moving about. They may need some help in “staging” their appearance.

Many of us miss the in-person events and I do hope we get to all get together and meet again someday. Make the most of this virtual world and take advantage of the possibilities. Anyone in the world can be a part of your virtual event. Reach out to them!

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