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A Virtual Valentine

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Virtual Valentine

Pretend like you are holding a big red heart shaped box. Untie the lovely bow and see what’s inside. Ah well, it’s not chocolate, but inside you will find these virtual goodies that may just make your meeting planning life a bit better 🙂

  • No More Bumps: Beginning on April 21, 2021, neither you, your staff, nor any of your attendees can get involuntarily bumped from an overbooked flight. This revised airline policy also includes a cash offer for those that do volunteer to give up their seat. Also, there’s cash involved, for while the airline can choose an incentive such as mileage or a travel voucher as a trade, that trade must also include cold hard cash!
  • Zoom Call, Lunch Included: Remember when we used to go to lunch meetings, and we were fed while at the meeting? Those days are back thanks to Panera Virtual Events. Through you Panera Corporate Catering Account, you can send out individual meals to remote guests by providing them with a code that they can redeem for a meal to enjoy during the meeting.
  • Planning Pivot: This idea will get your creative career juices flowing. If you or any other meeting planner you know is looking to pivot their skills into a new gig, check out how event organizers are now helping the nation vaccinate against COVID-19. Check out this job board for event industry people to help out in healthcare, you can help!
  • Digital Do: Digital events, just like any live event, need new and exciting ways to keep people engage, especially now that the novelty of virtual has worn off. Zhuzh up event with music, create trivia games, and play!
  • Start Small: Eventually, we will meet in a big way again, but for now, start small with a regional event. Just remember to social distance and pay attention to COVID protocols.
  • Track Events: In case you are thinking of going bigger with your events, check out this amazing resource! This interactive global event tracker covers events in key trade show cities. The map shows areas where events are attracting more than 2,000 attendees, more than 250 attendees and where no events are occurring at this time.
  • Plan to Plan: Right now is THE TIME to be planning to make your future events more sustainable than ever and more inclusive than ever. Change for good is all around us. And give yourself time to daydream, allow those amazing bits of wisdom to emerge.
  • Global Event Tracker: It shows where events are happening around the world. When you click on the cities/areas it takes you to that city’s guidelines for group gatherings. I found this incredibly informative to help understand locations and guidelines.

Happy Virtual Valentine to you, Meeting Planner!


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