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Weird Hotels

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Recently we looked at Haunted Hotels; this week we are looking at Weird Hotels, ranging from the fun and whimsical to the just plain strange.

You could literally be in the dog house in Idaho. The Dog Bark Park Inn features a large beagle, named Sweet Willy, that sleeps four. You enter from a two story deck in the back. Sweet Willy is packed with games, books and puzzles. It’s actually a Bed & Breakfast, the breakfast includes The Prairie’s Best Fruited Granola made from the family’s secret recipe.

The Peabody in Memphis is in and of itself a beautiful hotel. Some of the residents, however, are a bit quacky. I speak of the infamous Peabody Ducks which march to and from the Grand Lobby twice per day (11am and 5pm). They have been conducting this march since 1933, though presumably it is not the same group of original ducks.

Something may seem a little fishy at Jules Undersea Lodge, and that’s because you will be hanging out with the fish in your underwater domain. No kidding, you will need to scuba dive 21 feet below the surface to even enter the lodge. Once there, you are treated to all the comforts of home; shower, books, movies, and a stocked kitchen. Though I am not sure about pizza delivery.

If birds are more your style, then hang out in the trees at Free Spirit Spheres, Vancouver Island, Canada.  Here you will find hanging sleeping room pods, made from cedar, spruce or fiberglass, that sway gently in the breeze. The experience has been described as “magical.” If you wish to be at one with the forest, don’t just wing it, fly high in a Free Spirit Sphere!

Want a comfy view of the aurora borealis? See the spectacular night light display from your glass igloo at the Hotel Kakslauttanen in Finland. Or you can visit Santa’s digs year round at Santa’s Resort where you can have a reindeer-drawn sled ride during the winter months or hang out with the elves and pan for gold during the summer.

Those trying to stay away from salt may think twice before visiting Palacio Del Sal in Bolivia. The floor, ceiling, beds and more are made completely out of salt. Not your style? Then check out the IceHotel in Sweden. Yup, it is built completely of ice and snow.

This list is not extensive! To view 251 unusual and unique venues, check out the Unusual Hotels of the World web site. Have you stayed at any weird hotels? Tell me about your experience!

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