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What’s In a (Meeting) Name?

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Names are important. Many parents name their children after relatives that had or have a special place in their life. Sometimes they search for a name that has a strong meaning behind it. In the movie, “Where the Heart Is,” the main character, Novalee, is contemplating a name for her yet-to-be born child. She tells a gentleman, Moses, that she is considering naming the baby, “Wendi, with an ‘i’.” He says, “Oh, don’t you dare. Give that baby a name that means somethin’, a good, sturdy name.”


So what are you going to name your baby? Your meeting that is.


The most important part of a meeting name is that it catches attention and makes people want to know more. Think on this, what sounds more exciting: Third Annual New Car Exposition or Rev Up the Evolution!? The second name is obviously going to get more attention. Of course the second title does not say what the event is about. So there needs to be a subtitle, and in this case the first name can be used:

Rev Up the Evolution!

You’re Invited to Attend the Third Annual New Car Exposition

Take into consideration the emotional impact of the title. The Advanced Marketing Institute offers a handy free online tool called Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer. This a wonderful way to “test market” your headlines, titles and event names! It even provides a drop down menu to choose which industry you are targeting. Though a score of 30 – 40% is admirable, scoring 50% or more puts you in the gifted arena. For example, the name above, Rev Up the Evolution, scored 50% for the automotive industry.


By the way, in case you are wondering, in the movie “Where the Heart Is,” Novalee ended up naming her baby the noble name of Americus.


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*Thank you to IMDb for the image!

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