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Who Are You?

in: Creativity

“Who are you? Who, who, who, who? I really want to know.” ~ The Who

Even though years of experience being an expert in your field is important, when it comes right down to it, people do business with people they know, trust and like. The easier you are to know and trust, the more likeable you are; and the more apt you are to be a person that others want to do business with. So how can you show who you are, really are, in a way that makes people want to do business with you?

For some this comes naturally; they are at ease with their authenticity and have no fears of being who they are at all times. They ooze self-confidence; despite the fact that they are not perfect and that they too have made and do make mistakes! They just seem to take it all in stride and have a comfort level with it all.

For others this is a tough go. They wear their inadequacies on their sleeve, they have a hard time voicing who they are and what they do, and they seem to want to hide whenever they are out and about. They are probably great people, but they are hard to get to know, so we find ourselves relying on other’s accounts in order to get to know them. If you are this person, or to some degree this person, let’s talk about how to overcome and shine!

1)      Don’t take yourself so seriously – make time for play. Of course you take your life and your business seriously, but you can do this while at the same time being light and having fun. All work and no play . . . you know the rest.  Play does not necessarily mean taking time out for vacation or scheduling a day of rest; it can be as easy as bringing a sack of treats to your next meeting, sharing a fun story with the clerk behind the register, or just calling a client to say “Thank You” and chat for a bit. It can be that easy.

2)      Get comfortable with your imperfections – perfection is illusive. At any given time there is something that it not perfect in your life; this is always the case. So, you’re working on it. In the meantime, find comfort in those imperfections. These are the things that keep you alive and keep your awake and keep your striving. Whatever your supposed imperfections are, honor them and be with them, but do not allow them to stand in the way of your life.

3)      Practice you. Write down what you do and what you do well, then write down who you are and why you can do what you do (and do it so well!). Now practice saying this out loud. Make it a habit to openly share this with others.

4)      Get out from under the “umbrella.” What “umbrella” are you hiding under? Are you under the “I’m not smart enough” or “I am not pretty enough” or “I do not deserve” or one or more of any other umbrellas. See the “umbrella” as your personal lie. Stop lying to yourself, close up the umbrella and put it in the corner, better yet, throw it out.  Step out, be it rain or shine!

5)      Find a signature something that embodies who you are. Sometimes a visual really brings it home. I am known for my skyscraper platform shoes – my shoes are fun, sassy, and colorful. And, well, I am fun, sassy, and colorful. Maybe you are the person that wears funky colored ties or you bring lollipops to every meeting – have fun and show who you are!

So who are you (who, who, who, who) really? Tell us below!

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