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Who’s Stealing Who

in: Technology

Meeting planners are too busy to be waylaid by something like identity theft; if it were to ever happen it could take a ton of time, energy and resources to get out of it. It seems like every day we are being alerted about another security breach, whether it is a popular store or bank. What’s a person to do? I decided to do some research on this and here is what I found out, and want to share with you.

First, meet your new security best friend, Dashlane. This allows for you to securely keep and manage all your passwords, autofill online information and safely stores any and all payment types (credit cards, debit cards, bank info, PayPal, etc) in one handy online wallet. The service is free for use on one device, or you can sync all your devices for the premium account.

For Identity Theft Protection, you will want to compare the various services out there to find who can provide the best in fraud monitoring, resolution services and more. Check out this Top Ten Reviews Page for comparisons.

You very much need to keep your computer safe from viruses and from anyone gaining access to your files. For this you need the services of a computer security company. Compare services at this page.

There is also some important information surfacing that a popular smartphone application could expose your personal information to cyber criminals. Keep an eye out on Snoopwall as they are offering services to keep your smartphone information safe!

Some good habits are:

  • *Never list your home address or telephone number on any social media sites.
  • *Each month review your credit and debit card purchases to make sure you actually purchased them.
  • *Avoid public wireless unless your device is securely protected.
  • *Sign your credit and debit cards with a Sharpie so no one can erase your signature and re-write over it.
  • *Go paperless; have all bills sent to you electronically. If you are still going the paper route, make sure to shred bills and any other mail that includes your personal information or account number.
  • *If something does not feel right, then go with your gut. If an ATM machine seems weird, don’t use it. Pay attention whenever you are checking out, if a cashier is acting sneaky or taking too long, alert the manager.

For more information on how to protect your identity; check out this page from Transunion. Be safe meeting planners!

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