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Why Wi-Fi?

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Why Wi-Fi

I recently came across a post saying that Wi-Fi is as important as running water – and in today’s world, this truly is how people feel. We are a connected world, and when that connection is interrupted, people get a little wiggy.

Wi-Fi is our passport to the world; via our phones, tablets, computers and television we can watch our favorite shows and movies (and on our own time), we keep in touch with our friends and loved ones no matter where they live, and we conduct business from wherever in the world we may be. Not only are electronic devices connected to Wi-Fi, but so are several other items you can find in today’s market; thermostats, appliances, automotive products and other wearable devices – all Wi-Fi enabled.

There has been much talk about free Wi-Fi for everyone and I applaud this thought. It is said that Steve Jobs wanted to give free Wi-Fi to everyone. I agree! Did you know that 60% of the world’s population does not have access to the Internet? We could be missing out on some very amazing ideas and people, but they need to be connected. And speaking of connected, so do our event and conference attendees.

Recently I talked about how meeting planners can help keep attendees secure online, but we have to get them there first. It is one of the most important and most expected needs of our attendees. Hyatt, Starwood and Marriott all offer free Wi-Fi and I am sure the rest of the hotels will soon be doing the same – because – it is as important as running water.

Want to know if the Wi-Fi you are using is speedy enough for you? Download the Speedtest app. For home, you are looking for a number between 15 – 50 Mbps, the more devices you have the higher the number you will need. At a business, you want to see over 50.

Here’s to Wi-Fi for all!

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