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Why You May Not Need Me

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As much as I would love for each of you to call me TODAY and engage me to assist you in finding the perfect place for you meeting, you may simply not need my help. And, here is why:

  1. You have tons of time on your hands: Perhaps you are one of the few meeting planners who has more extra hours in a day than you need to get those meetings planned. You find yourself with plenty of time to send out RFPs, wade through contract after contract and make up your own well-organized spreadsheet of available properties and their offerings.


  1. You rank contract reading among your top favorite activities: Reading legalese brings you great joy. You can barely wait to get back the office on Monday to check out what each contract has to say; sometimes you just bring the contracts home with you so you can take your time to leisurely read through them as you enjoy your weekend. Who needs a good fiction thriller when there are contracts to be read?


  1. You enjoy the challenge of fitting your meeting into their availability: You need a room for 500, 8 to a round, a nice big stage, but they only have 2 rooms for 200, and no room for a stage? No problem! This is a challenge that you are up for. The speakers can simply stand on their chairs to give their speeches. You will perform the same meeting on a schedule, first group of 200 at 6pm, second group of 200 at 7:30pm and third group of 100 at 9:00pm. Problem solved.


  1. You are accustomed to overtime: An 8-hour work day is simply not your style. You can put in 12, even 15-hour days, and that is cool by you.


  1. You just don’t know me. Not sure if I can do the job? Not sure that I am a team player? Not sure of how this all works? Let’s talk! I can succinctly explain me in 15 minutes! Give me  few minutes of your time and I think you will be pleasantly surprised at how I work and how I can bring big time value add to your meeting planning.

What if you are just one phone call away from taking a rather large checklist of to-do’s off your plate? I look forward to hearing from you! 636-797-3405.

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