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Jill Stone

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Win Big with One Billion Dollars!

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“Wow!” This was my reaction when I opened up an email from Roger Helms, founder of HelmsBriscoe, stating that our total bookings in 2014 came to over one billion dollars. One billion dollars! No one has delivered a billion dollars in room revenue in one year ever before.

I have been with this company for 15 years now. There is a reason I stick around; I love it, the company is of high integrity, and what we do is win win for all parties involved in every booking.

  • Meeting managers win because there is a company behind them that has booked over one billion dollars in room revenue. And yes, that provides you with some mighty negotiating power.
  • Meeting managers also win because the service we provide saves them time, while bringing ease and organization to their site selection activity.
  • Hotels and venues win because they are familiar with our system, they know who we are and the high standard of service we expect for our clients. They understand the power of a partnership with HelmsBriscoe.
  • The industry wins as what we do streamlines what could otherwise be a very lengthy and painful process.
  • I, and other HelmsBriscoe site selection managers win because we have been given the opportunity to work independently, while also having the support of a strong company behind us. Plus we get to do what we LOVE!
  • And of course, HelmsBriscoe wins. I mean, a billion dollars! The success of our company ensures that our clients can trust we are here to stay and we can continue to add amazing services, like our Meetings Management System and unprecedented internal hotel information database, which allows me to answer practically any question about any hotel in the world within minutes!

Some additional information Roger share with us is that as a company we “exceeded 40,000 programs in 2014. Almost all customer segments showed positive growth and we had hundreds of new customers booking with HB for the first time in 2014.” He also shared something that says everything about the philosophy our company is built on, and it is, “that every Client, and every booking, matters.” Yes, he capitalizes Client, he, we hold our Clients in such high esteem and we strive to prove that with each booking we accomplish.

All of this is evidence of the continued momentum behind HelmsBriscoe and the power of what I, you and our hotel partners do each and every day. Thank you for your trust in me and in HelmsBriscoe! We can all say that we are now one billion dollars strong.



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