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I Wish List of Travel Gadgets

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wish list

How often do you say something like this when you travel – “I wish I could get a super cool gadget that would do this super necessary thing for me while traveling.”

Here is a round up of some the latest super cool gadgets for your I Wish List.

  • I Wish I Could Charge My Phone: The bane of many a travellers woes are keeping the mobile phone charged. One item to check out are these awesome phone cases that both protect and carry up to a 120% charge for your phone. Also see this lovely wallet that carries cash, charge cards and charge.
  • I Wish I Could Charge My Phone with the World’s Smallest Charger: This charger is the size of a key ring with will give you enough charge to complete an hour or so of talk time. It’s compatible with all Android phones, GPS devices, Kindles and more.
  • I Wish I Had The Best Luggage Ever: This tops my “I Wish” List. It’s a super strong, yet lightweight (13 pounds) piece of luggage that features the latest in travel technology. Introducing the Raden A28 – yes, it even has a cool name. This luggage features technology sensors so you’ll know the location of your luggage. It also includes a battery with up to 4x full phone charges from its two ports.
  • I Wish I Had a Personal Cloud Device: Need an extra 256gb of storage for storing and sharing pictures, videos and files – without hauling around a laptop? Get The Egg.
  • I Wish I Had a Cup and Tablet Holder in One: The only reason why you have never wished for this is because you did not know it existed. This gadget has received quite the buzz from the likes of The Today Show, Wired Magazine, and Gizmodo. The Airhook provides a place for your cup and for watching your tablet, all in one handy little device, while you are squished into your tiny airplane seat. Now you know.
  • I Wish I Had Some Stylish Bluetooth Earbuds and Speakers: Look no further, for I have found Flex Arc Wireless! They are modern, sleek, lightweight and just plain cool.
  • I Wish I Could Watch All My Streaming Shows While on the Road: With the Amazon Fire TV Stick you can! Plug this into the back of your hotel room’s TV and up comes Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Video and more.
  • I Wish Only One Electrical Outlet Would Do: Since you and everyone else is looking for an outlet, you do not want to be an outlet hog. The Zolt allows you to take up one outlet, yet charge one laptop and 2 USB devices at the same time.
  • I Wish I Could Ask this Foreign Person for a Kiss: The ili, the first wearable translator is simply amazing. Aaaaand, you can also use it to ask people for directions, food and such, not just a kiss. The video featured on their site has an English guy asking for kisses from Japanese women; some found it funny – and some did not – I did not find it funny at all.
  • I Wish I Could Travel Around in My Own Drone: Here you go.

For you, Meeting Planner, I Wish For the Best of Everything!

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