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Women Traveling Solo

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Women Traveling

With more and more women traveling alone, whether it’s business or pleasure, it’s important to prepare and stay safe. I recently came across a great BuzzFeed article that addresses just this and shares 46 Travel Safety Tips for Women.

The information outlines helpful apps and sites, along with a healthy dose of to-do’s. Here are just a few more tips I’d like to share.

Consider a Door Alarm: A portable alarm will go off in the case that someone has entered a room without permission. It may very well scare off a possible attack, or at least buy time to consider what to do.

Trust Your Gut: Feeling uneasy? Listen to it. Do not go or stay where the gut says no. Also, check out SafeTrek; an amazing app that will automatically work anywhere in the United States. Simply open the SafeTrek app, and hold the thumb on the safe button. Once safe, release the button and enter a 4 digit pin. If in danger, release the button without entering the pin, the local police will be notified or your location and emergency.

US Embassy: When traveling abroad, make sure to know where the US Embassy is located and how to contact them. This is crucial in the case of loss of important documents. Also make sure to do as the BuzzFeed article suggests, take pictures of all important documentation.

Allow for Extra Time: Avoid being in a hurry as awareness tends to decrease when feeling rushed. Allow for plenty of time at the airport or to get to any scheduled activities.

Bring Safety with You: Depending upon where traveling, consider bringing along a First Aid Kit or Emergency Car Kit.

Check in with Insurance: It’s worth a call to the health insurance company to inquire about coverage in the case that medical attention be needed, especially when traveling abroad. Also, take note that if while traveling you experience any of the following, see a doctor right away – diarrhea and high fever, flu-like symptoms, have been bitten or scratched by an animal, been in a car accident, been sexually assaulted or are severely injured in any way.

Filter It: If traveling to an area that may have unsafe/unclean water, bring along a water filtration and purification system.

Car Check-Up: If traveling by car, make sure to have an automotive service person perform a safety check-up before heading out.

Check the Weather: Be aware of any weather issues that may occur during travel or while at the destination.

Just a few more tips for women meeting planners out there, and for those who have a beloved woman loved who travels. Stay safe!



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