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Facing Your Workday with More Energy

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According to this video, there are 11 stages to our workday (and this video is pretty darn funny because, well, babies!). My guess is that anyone who watches this video will relate to the stages shared. The video also made me think about how meeting planning is a sprint and a marathon. We’re expected to go-go-go all day long! Here are some energy tips for you:

  • Good Night’s Sleep: This is not news, we all know the importance of a good night’s sleep. No one needs a news report to tell us this, it’s pretty evident why sleep is important even after only one bad night’s sleep. For the latest in getting those ever important zzzzzzs, check out this information from Well and Good.
  • Wake Up Well: Ever heard of “sleep inertia”? It’s a thing; it’s that time that starts upon first awakening to that time of full alertness . . . and it can last up to 30 minutes! Here is how to go from just starting to wake to woke in less time.
  • Coffee: Those who drink coffee are on to something. But here’s a surprising notion – perhaps that cup o’ joe first thing in the morning is not the best timing for caffeine consumption. This article explains why coffee should be avoided until the body begins to come off of its times of peak alertness.
  • No Coffee: For those looking to ditch the coffee habit, there are other ways to energize. Check out these ideas from WebMD.
  • After Lunch Slump: This slump can be avoided by including high quality protein, complex carbs and fiber in the lunch time meal. It will take some pre-planning, but is far from difficult to make happen. Check out these dietitian choices to keep the body fueled all afternoon.
  • Learn From Leaders: Those superhuman folks out there can teach all some lessons on achieving the energy necessary to find success.
  • Heal the Hunch: Our computer habit is showing up in our hunched bodies. Here is an easy and effective way to improve that hunch-iness in only 30 seconds.
  • Travel Well: Since many of us travel, here are some helpful tips for keeping up energy while on the road, in the air or out at sea.
  • Weird Ways: And because I’m me, and I feel the need to include some more interesting, albeit weird ways to energize – check out this blog and this one too!

Wake up, Meeting Planner! And have a fantastically energized day!




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