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Attendees Will Rave About Your Conferences

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Recently I shared some ideas to keep those attendees awake at your meetings. And none of those suggestions include yelling anything like, “Wake up, people!” Instead, I talked of more graceful ways of keeping them engaged and alert.

One of my suggestions was to offer various ways to deliver educational opportunities, which are outside of a typical workshop/classroom style setting.

Today, I expand upon this idea and share some ideas to get attendees excited and engaged with you:

Mentor Moments: Each industry and/or association has its rock stars. Consider partnering with some of these amazing folks to offer one-on-one sessions or smaller group sessions for attendees. Also consider offering such sessions with some of your speakers or workshop presenters. This would add great value to your event, as well as elevate the educational experience of for your attendees.

Web Wonder: Consider creating workshops that involve a fuller focus via a web-based application. Your attendees could participate in pre- and/or post-event web based learning, allowing you to present a more enhanced program.

Game Gain: Gamification is a great way to add value to any learning experience. By providing your “players” with various tasks, for each completed task they will they gain points, but also gain knowledge! At the very least, consider creating game-like moments within some of your educational offerings, and your attendees will reap the rewards in retention. Or schedule a part of your event at a game center designed for adults!

Flip It: I provided a blog about Flipped Learning, where direct instruction moves from the group learning space to the individual learning space, and the resulting group space is transformed into a dynamic, interactive learning environment. Learn more here.

Brain-iacs: Each of your attendees has their own skill set and knowledge. Consider sending out surveys ahead of time to determine subjects or information that attendees are most interested in. Create brainstorming groups around these subjects and provide each group with a breakout space and time to meet, share, learn and teach each other.

Make an App for That: Teaching apps extend beyond what is offered for children, there are plenty for adults too. Consider creating an app that includes an education component. This app is also a great way to stay of mind with your attendees and continually share information with them.

Your attendees will greatly appreciate new and exciting ways to learn. Engaged learning is key to retention, not to mention, give them a reason to rave about your conferences and keep them coming back again and again. Oh, and by the way, I can help you find the right space for your meetings. Contact me today!

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