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Are you Fee-ling it?

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Probably. Sometimes we meeting planners fee-l it; paying fee after fee after fee. We find ourselves asking – Do I have to pay them? Is there room for negotiation? Why so many fees? Let’s explore the world of fees.


Even if you do not plan to use the pool or gym, these fees could cover items like bottled water and newspapers. Ask what these fees cover and negotiating your way out of them if you have no need for them.

Check It:

Ahhh, the best laid plans and still, changes occur. Sometimes work, family and plane schedules require just a few hours of extra time in or out of your room, and this may result in additional fees. By joining the hotel rewards program, you may avoid these fees. Also, if changes mean you will need to leave at an earlier date, the hotel may charge you as well, especially if they do not believe they will be able to resell the room.


Some hotels will charge for use of their fitness center. If you are a dedicated exerciser and wish to avoid these fees, you can certainly put on your running shoes and explore the city, or exercise in your room.


Some minibars include sensors that will trigger fees if anything is even moved. Be sure to check your bill carefully to make sure you are not being charged for your curious inspection of the tempting snacks and drinks being offered.


Even that room safe may come with a fee. If you do not plan on using it, ask about not being charged for it.

WiFi Oh My:

This is by far the most annoying, if not more costly, fees. You may consider bringing your own mobile hotspot or air card.

Business Bee:

If you plan on utilizing the business center, check with the hotel ahead of time to see if there are any fees attached to its use.

Here is what you can do:

  • Some fees can be avoided by joining the hotel rewards program. Though they all vary, some allow for free WiFi, early check-in or late check-out, and more.
  • When making your reservations always ask about any fees you should be aware of; you may be able to negotiate your way our of them on the spot.
  • Be at peace with some fees; if you need a rollaway bed or refrigerator, bring along your pet, or park in the garage this may incur additional fees. Since these require use of additional items/space or additional house keeping services, it makes sense that hotels charge for them.
  • Finally and most importantly – find an amazing Site Selection Manager who has read hundreds of contracts, has developed positive relationships with many hotel managers, has loads of experience in negotiating and has the numbers to make negotiating on the highest level quite possible. If you do not know of any, just give me a call (636-678-7661), I know an awesome one J


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