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Happy New Year Meeting Planners!

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unnamed-7Here we are in 2015. Back from our holiday goings on, back from eating rich and amazing meals, back and fresh and ready to make our mark on 2015. Last year I shared with you my revision to New Year’s Resolutions. I like resolutions that I will actually stick to. If I made one of mine to be, “Run a marathon in 2015,” you would know that I got way too little sleep over the holidays. Marathon – not going to happen – unless there’s a shoe sale at the end of it, then maybe J

One of my resolutions for 2014 was to create a Top Ten list of Why I’m Awesome. I thought I would share it with you today.

I’m Awesome Because:

10) I created this list and upheld my resolution.

9) In the eyes of my grandchildren, I am the most fun grandmother on the planet.

8) In the eyes of my children, I am a person they can count on, a shoulder to cry on, a great support system and they have magically forgotten any angst they’ve created for me over the years.

8) My husband still thinks I’ve got it.

7) I work hard, but still have time to have fun and go shoe shopping.

6) I have spent my couch potato time well; watching only shows that I love!

5) I have enjoyed and tried many varieties of cookies and am well versed in ordering dessert at many a meal.

4) My sense of humor remains strong.

3) I accomplished the ice bucket challenge with flair!

2) I continue to have the absolute BEST clients on earth, amazing hotel contacts and very cool HelmsBriscoe buddies.

1) I have only one resolution for 2015 and I am pretty sure I can stick to it.

In case you are wondering, for 2015 I have started a Resolution Jar. This is an empty jar, which I will fill with notes (see picture of mine with this blog) about the good things that happen for me over the year. Around this time next year, I will be reading all those wonderful notes and be thankful, for I know there is always more good to come. Welcome to 2015!


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