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Meeting Planner Personality Traits

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Hey Meeting Planners, this may not come as a surprise to you, but you have a certain set of personality traits that make you aces at what you do. Even though it may not surprise you, it should make you feel pretty darn good. These are admirable traits, and not everyone has them. So pat yourself on the back, because you are one cool group!

  1. You are super organized! If there were a superhero called Organiz-o, they would most certainly have a background in meeting planning.  You have an inner filing system that rivals any computer and your knack for finding exactly what you need, when you need, it is nothing short of remarkable.
  2. You are a multi-multi-tasker. You have the ability to multi-task your multi-tasks. It’s as if all the projects you are juggling have their own set of projects that they are juggling at the same time. 
  3. You really are a “people person.” Even when you do not feel like it, no one is the wiser. You know how to smile, be gracious, keep calm and carry on even when you are operating on two hours of sleep.
  4. You know how to get the most from any budget. Rarely do you even flinch at budget cuts; to you it’s just another challenge that you will confidently meet. And now it’s time for a commercial break; “Jill Stone, Your Meeting Matchmaker, here. Smart meeting planners know that my super refined site selection services do not add to their bottom line. Not only will my services save you money, but also give you back some of your precious time. Call me today at 636-797-3405!”
  5. You get an A+ in Time Management and are always on the look-out for new ways to save even more time (once again, see commercial above!).
  6. You are super creative on every level!  You are creative with budgets, time, marketing, décor, menus, graphics, fun and more. You have a Midas touch when it comes to creative insights and implementation.

In other words, dear Meeting Planner, your stunning qualities make you a count on person that people notice and want to be around. I know I sure like hanging out with you!

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